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Forced Abductions, Conversions, and Marriages

Maira (pictured) and hundreds of other underage girls become victims of forced abduction, conversion, and marriage every year.

We raise questions consistently in both Houses of Parliament about this and keep pressing the authorities in Pakistan to intervene. 

Justice Delayed and Hurried

We seek to defend the importance of justice and rule of fair law in Pakistan. All too often evidence against minor girls of religious minority communities in Pakistan is fabricated or tampered with, threatening the judicial process. We speak up for the importance of justice for victims and the importance of tackling impunity.


Minority Representation

We ask Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office about atrocities suffered by minorities, including abuses of human rights and violations of freedom of religion or belief. We ask UK Ministers to ask their counterparts in Pakistan what improvements they have planned for marginalised communities in terms of their access to work and education, among others.

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